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Your Voice: Death penalty for narcotics kingpin

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On Thursday, March 14, night, the Attorney General’s Office ordered the execution of death row inmate and drug lord Adami Adam Wilson alias Abu in Thousand Islands regency, Jakarta.

Adam was sentenced to death for drug cases in Indonesia. Adam had to undergo imprisonment in the penitentiary Tangerang, Banten, then he was moved to Nusakambangan, Cilacap, Central Java.

However, during the period of detention, he again proved a mastermind in the narcotics business by continuing to sell shabu-shabu (methamphetamine).

A number of NGOs who are members of the Civil Society Coalition for the Elimination of the Death Penalty (HATI) have denounced this execution.

According to them the death penalty is a violation of the right to life that is guaranteed in Article 28A of the Constitution in conjunction with Article 281 which states that everyone has the right to life, and these are rights that cannot be reduced in anyway.

However, on the other hand, many consider that the death penalty for drug kingpins is indeed appropriate.

Execution is in accordance with Law No. 35/2009 on narcotics.

If we at look narcotics as an extraordinary crime, then the death penalty is a form of shock therapy that is effective as well as preventing the emergence of a greater danger.

In addition, the execution was carried out to satisfy the demand for justice from the people so that they do not take revenge on the perpetrator.

Narcotics not only kill individuals, but can damage and kill a generation. They have killed generations of drug abusers and victims slowly.

Therefore, we ask human rights activists to look at this issue in a balanced way. What is the life of a drug kingpin compared to a country’s generation dying needlessly because of the actions of drug lords?

Nurhadi Syahputra
Sidoarjo, East Java

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