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Tangerang to hold first ever art festival

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The Tangerang city administration is set to hold the first Benteng Art Festival along Jl. Satria Sudirman from Oct. 17 to 19.

According to the city’s Tourism, Culture and Sports Agency head, Irman Pujahendra, the city would explore its art and culture potential in an attempt to find its unique identity and to preserve Tangerang’s culture.

“Tangerang is a multi-ethnic city, therefore it is difficult for us to identify the culture and art that make up the city’s identity,” Irman told reporters on Thursday.

The festival, he said, would feature marching bands, body painting, traditional dances, a fashion show of traditional clothing, theater and wayang shows.

Irman said that there would be three teams performing; the Culture Carnival Team, the Art Display Team and the Art Attraction Team. The teams would feature artists and dancers from cities throughout the archipelago.

“We hope that through this festival, we can find Tangerang’s art and culture identity,” he said.

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