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Tangerang regent to propose UMK in favor of workers and imployers

Mufid Elban | Banten-News | Business | Tangerang Regency, Banten

In response to demand of 25 increase in the 2016 regency minimum wage (UMK) from the present rate, Tangerang Regent A. Zaki Iskandar promised to determine and propose  the increase in favor of both workers and imployers.

“We will accomodate workers’ and imployers’ demands on wage increase but as comparation we need to look out to neighbourring cities before we determine the 2015 wage rate here,” Zaki told worker labor union representatives in a meeting at the administration’s coffee morning room in Tigaraksa on Friday.

Zaki said his administration accomodates all aspiration coming from workers’ associations and the Indonesia Imployers Association (Apindo) as the administration understands workers’ concerns amid the weakening economic situation and Rupiah rate exchange against US Dollar.

“Of course, we will calculate the precentage of increase in the wage because the administration also has limited authority in determining the wage rates and therefore we need to sit together to listen to both workers and Apindo,” said Zaki.

In the mean time, Riden, one of worker representative said that labor unions refuse the Government Regulation No. 78 on wage system and beg the regent to give supports for their refusal.

The workers expected 25 percent increase in the 2016 monthly wage from the present rate amounting to Rp 2.7 millions. They ragarded such an increase fair.

The regency’s police chief Sr. Comr. Irman Sugema who was present in the weeting asked the workers not to be provoked by unclear things, hoping that workers had better inform the police first before they take street to deliver protests.

“Good communication between workers and regent that only hapens here in Tangerang regency has turned out be a positive progress that is always monitored by the Jakarta City Police chief (Kapolda)and this should be a good model for other regions” he said.

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