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Tangerang regent encouraged scouts to build balanced generation

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Regent A. Zaki Iskandar accompanied by deputy regent Hermansyah opened on Wednesday the  regency’s Scouts National Meeting, locally known as Raimuna, at Bumi Perkemahan Kitri Bakti in Curug district.

As the chairman of the regency’s Scouts Mevement (Kwartir Cabang) preceptor council and on behalf of the administration, Zaki expressed support for the scouts the activity as an excact and positive thing to build better character of young generation.

Through the acvitity, Zaki said the scouts can also dig the potentials and creativity, learn a lesson of togetherness and that’s the main purpose of the Raincab activity.

“Please, form your soul into a balanced, smart and skillful generation. You have to posses noble character because skill and character will become your main capital to get success in the future, that in turns will also leave effect the country’s development progess,” Zaki said.

To the mainstay, coaches and boards of the regency’s Scout Movement, Zaki delivered his gratitude and told them to keep on guiding the young generation and making contribution to the nation.

Meanwhile, Ferdi Tri Putra, the organizing committee chairman said the activity was held as a means of gathering for scouts from across the regency as well as in the obeservance the scout’ 54 aniversary.

The Raimuna was being attended by 912 senior high school students from the regencys 29 districts.

The event runs from Aug. 25 through Aug. 29.

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