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Tangerang regent called on district chiefs to organize massive istisqo prayer

Ahmed Zaki Iskandar
Ahmed Zaki Iskandar | Bupati Tangerang Periode 2013-2018

Mufid Elban | Banten-News | Public Service | Tangerag Regency, Banten

Following the worsening state of drought that hits most parts of the regency, regent A. Zaki Iskandar told district chiefs to organize massive prayer (Istisqo) to ask for the rain.

Zaki delivered such a request in meeting with Regional Leader Communication Forum (FKPD) at regent’s official residence (Pendopo Bupati) on Jl. Kisamaun in Tangerang municipality on Tuesday.

He said that farm land, fish ponds, shrim embankment and even a number of residential areas in the regency have come into emergencey state due to water difficulty caused by drought.

“All district chiefs, please ask for the rain by conductig istisqo prayer along with respective ulemas council (MUI). Don’t ask for the rain from regent,” Zaki said.

After the meeting, Zaki, deputy regent Hermansyah and the regency water utility director Rusdy Mahmud and water supervisory council M. Maesyal Rasyid took a look at the ongoing repair of Cisadane Dam Sluice 10.

At the Dam Sluice, Zaki reiterated that he has askd the Central Government to build another sluice in Teluknaga or Sepatan which in turn can reduce the burden of the Cisadane Dam Sluice 10.

“Should the new sluice is built, the Cisadane Dam Sluice 10  can be totally renovated and authority to do so is in the hand of the Public Work Ministry,” he said.

According to Zaki the ongoing repair of the damaged sluice is expected to complete Wednesday as scheduled. Should the repair fail to complete, Zaki will likely involved the society through coins gethering.

“Actually, we can repair the damaged cluice ourserselves and renovate some part but we con’t do much because the authority to do so belongs to the central government,” he said.

Meanwhile, Teteng Jumara, head of the regental disaster management agency (BPBD) said the agency had set up short and long term plans to cope with drought in the regency.

“Through the short plan, we have distributed water supplies to areas badly affected by drought. Through the long plan, we will improve the infrastructure by building water embankment (embung), irrigation ways and catchment area,” he said.

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