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Tangerang Regency well-prepared for possible floods

Regent A. Zaki Iskandar inspects one of newly-bought dum trucks that will serve garbage disposal from residentialareas after the morning parade.

Multa Fidrus | Banten-News | Public Service | Mon, November21, 2016

Tangerang regent A. Zaki Iskandar asked officials to be well-prepared for possible natural disaster such as floods, land slide and tornado that will likely hit several districts across the regency during the rainy season.

“Only with good prepration, we can minimize the number of victims and other negative impacts should floods, land slide and tornado suddenly hit the regency,” Zaki said while addressing a morning parade at the regental administration office complex in Tigaraksa Monday, November 21, 2016.

The morning parade called Apel Bhineka Tunggal Ika and Siaga Banjir was attended by hundreds of civil servants, police officers and military personels, paramedics and members of Tagana, a local rescue team for disaster response.

Zaki said the regental Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD), assited by the Health Agency have prepared logistic equipments, flood cotrol posts, medical assistance for flood victims in every district. Tangerang regency has a total of 29 districts.

“I emphasize that all related work units (SKPD) and community elements have to improve allertness with quick response to cope with disaster especially in several districts prone to flooding, land sliding and tornado such as Kelapa Dua, Pasar Kemis, Cikupa, Panongan, Legok and Curug,” said Zaki.

Zaki said with readiness, sooth, solidarity, cooperation and coordination, impacts of natural disaster could always be anticipated and be minimized as well.

The regent also reminded officials and community members not to be easily provoked by misleading issues being spread out either through social media or a series of engineered street rallies.

“Indonesia is a united country that consists of various races, religions, and cuture. We are looking for peacefulness,”he said.

Zaki called on religious figures, traditional leaders, youth leaders, mass organizations not be provoked by misleading issues but to motivate the residents not to be affected by the current political incidents, instead.

Meanwhile, head of the BPBD Agus Suryana said, logistic and volunteers have been prepared in several prone-to-flooding districts, including 28 rubber boats, 80 members of quick response team, 280 Tagana rescue team members, 250 members of volunteers forum and 100 local volunteers in each district.

“As of today, only Vila Regensi and Vila Tomang that have been inundated by 30 up to 50 centimeters high floods and we however have been ready for all possibility,” he said.

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