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Tangerang Regency remains a desired destination for foreign investment

Mufid Elban | Banten-News | Business | Tangerang Regency, Banten

The weakening rate exchange of Rupiah amid the sluggish economic growth in the country could not in fact curb the interests of foreign investors to invest their capital in Tangerang regency.

PT Infinity Light Indonesia, a China-based industrial company is among several other foreign firms that constructed a new factory in Cikupa Mas Industrial Plant, Cikupa district.

The factory will, which began operating on Friday Nov. 4 will produce at least 4 million LED Lamps each year and have absorbed hundred of locals to work there.

Tangerang Regent A. Zaki Iskandar said that the increase of industrial firms in number in the regency would hopefully help jack up the growth of economy and improve the life of local people.

“We hope that the society can directly see positive impacts with the presence of the new factory, especially in absorbing the manpower. This means that unimployment rate canin the country be reduced,” he said.

According to Zaki, a number of foreign firms had invested in industrial sector in the regency in the past months and the number is expected to continue to increase years ahead.

Lie Wenjie, PT Infinity Light Indonesi CEO said, this is the first factory the Indonesia-China joint venture firm has build in the coutry and four other will also be constructed here with investment values amounting to Rp 100 billions each.

“The LED Lamp we produce here on average have a retention a up to three years in use and the most important thing is that the products can save up 60 percent electtricity use,” he said.

Meanwhile, House of Representatives speaker Setya Novanto who was also present at the factory launching ceremony Indonesia is still the most desired destination for foreign investment.

“When I visited the USA a couple of weeks ago, I receive many question about investment oppoturnity from foreign investors and they looked anxious to come to Indonesia,” he said.

Novanto said he appreciated the presence of the China-based company here in Tangerang because it will also use only local components so that this will reduce our dependence of exported components.

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