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Tangerang regency held appropriate technology contest

Mufid Elban | Banten-News | Science & Tech | Tangerang Regency, Banten

A number of students took part in an exhibition to selection appropriate technology (TTG) held at the Tangerang regental administration’s Serba Guna Building in the regency capital of Tigaraksa on May 12, 2015.

Among participants who participated in the contest were students of Sepatan Senior High School (SMA) 11, who invented a number of approriate technolgy such as distillation apparatus to convert sea water into fresh water, electrict knife, electrict stove and garbage waste as introduction of electricity.

Meanwhile, students of the regency’s Vocational High School (SMK) 5 displayed omni antena to detect signal, innovation of robot as signal detetor and motor using gas fuel.

SMK Permata from Kemiri district flaunted tidal flood detector. The device can detect tide flood that frequently hit coastal areas in the northenr part of the regency. The school also exhibited environmentally friendly sepctic tank.

Other participants from Panongan district showed a tool to wrap tempe with plastic while students from Legok dstrict paraded M2 airconditioner technology or very cheap energy saving airconditioner they created from used goods.

If students of Cisoka district modelled electrict bike, Pasar Kemis district students set out reliable plastic technology and Kosambi district students exposed a Dadap fisherman’s son invention called bubu, a tool to catch crabs and fish in brackish water.

Benteng Indargo, head of the regency’s People, Women, Village Administration Empowerment Body said participants of the appropriate technology contest entittled “Heading to bright Tangerang through approriate technology” hailed from districs, high schools across the regency.

The winners of he constest will hopefully represent Tagerang regency in similar contest at provincial level between June 9 and 12 to be held in Pandeglang regency this year.

“We hope that we can find innovative technology invention to represent the regency at provincial level contest,” he said, adding that it is the first contest the regency ever held.

He said in the future, the administration would introduce the annual contest program and establish technology service post (Posyantek) in every district as a means for the locals’ technology innnovation guiding.

The establsihment of Posyantek has been mandated by the No. 20/2010 Home Affairs Minister Regulation and the No. 70/2014 regent’s regulation in relation to technology service.

In the meant time, Herliyani Suharta of Renewable Energy Division Center (B2TE) at The Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) told the agency to always dig up technology potentials from the districts since the regency is home to many high schools and industry.

“There are four criteria determined to dicide winners in the constest, reffering to the usage, prices, good shape and ability to support global proram to lower Co2. Appropriate technology that can lower Co2 will obtain highest score,” she said.

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