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Tangerang Regency cohesively copes with sexual crime

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In response to the National Commission for Children Protection (KPA) statement that recently declared emergency state of violence against children in Tangerang regency, regent A. Zaki Iskandar held a meeting with regional leaders’ forum, administration work units (SKPD) and district chiefs in Tigaraksa on Tuesday, Nov. 10

Zaki said the administration will mobilize all SKPDs, the police, Indonsian Military Force (TNI), including the existing organizations across the regency in effort to curb and prevent sexual violence against children and women massively.

“We will involve all parties in handling and coping with matter since control on children should be strengthen in family premises for early prevention,” Zaki said.

According to Zaki, there are many factors that trigger sexual violence agaisnt children and women such as liquor and pornography that anyone can easily access through the internet.

“Therefore, teachers at early children eduation (PAUD) elementary school, junior and senior high schools must supply students with knowledge to behave well in line with the prevailing norms in the social life so that they know what they are facing,” said Zaki.

Meanwhile, the regency’s Weman Welfare Organization (PKK) speaker Yuli Zaki Iskandar added that violence against children and women in the regency had really draws concerns due to wrong pattern of custody.

“I hope that we can together cope with violence against children and women so that such a crime no longer occur from now and on,” she said.

She said, PKK had so far familirized residents with 10 programs, including planting comprehension on healthy pattern of live, skill education as part of childre custody pattern.

The regency precict police chief Sr. Comr. Irman Sugema cited that the police recieveid as many as 59 reports on crime against children with various modus of opernadi that happened in the regency this year.

“We call on the society to stay allert with now modus of sexual crime so that such incident can be avoided,’ he said.

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