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Tangerang Regency again hosts Nusacrafts Lifestyle exhibition

Tangerang Regent A. Zaki Iskandar after opening the exhibition

Mufid Elban | Banten-News | Business | Tangerang, Banten

Tangerang Regency again hosts an exhibition featuring handycraft products from across the country organized by the Association of Producers and Exporters of Indonesian Handicraft (ASEPHI).

The exhibition entittled “Nusacraft Lifestyle” was officially opened by Tangerang Regent A. Zaki Iskandar for the second time at Summarecon Mall Serpong, Kelapa Dua district on Wednesday, Nov. 4. It will ast till Nov. 15.

At least, there are some 50 small medium-sized handycraft businesses owners who took part during the two-week long exhibition from many regions such as Jogjakarta, Semarang, Surabaya Pekalongan, Bandung, Bali, Lombok, Papua, Bekasi, Banten, Tasikmalaya, Garut, dan DKI Jakarta.

Handycraft products on display during the exhibition consist of accessories & jewelleries, batik embroiden, souvenirs, gift items, bags, footwears until home decoratives and qualified interior ornaments with affordable prices.

According to Zaki, the implementation of the exhibition is very important and by the right time  because the regental administration is agressively develop the regions heading to what so-called the Bright Tangerang Regency and handycraft product centers is no exception as the base of people’s economy to be developed continously.

Zaki said that spirit to work and to be creative needs to be facilitated with various easiness by the administration and therefore opportunity for craftsman to show up their works should be widely opened.

“The exhibition of handycraft products will help jack up the populatirty of domestic handycraft products among the shopping mall visitors and among other guests present during the exhition,” Zaki said.

The regent hoped that archopelago’s handycraft exhibiton can improve the creativity as well as the products in the country and trigger the regental administration’s spirit   to work harder in encouragaing handycraft business.

“Small and Medium Business actors are expected to be motivated to improve the quality of handycrafts so that they can participate at more prestigious exhibiton stage,” Zaki added.

Meanwhile, Thamrin Bustami, ASEPHI chairman said the Nusacrafts lifestyle is held the Summarecon Mall Serpong for the second time.

“ASEPHI organizes the exhibition at shopping malls in Jakarta, Depok and Tangerang in effort to give chance to small medium business and handycrats to display the best products form their respective region,” he said.

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