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Tangerang municipality launched online service for 18 more permits

Tangerang municipality launched online service for 18 more permits

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The Tangerang municipal administration has continously been striving for great innovations in providing public service in a bit to ease community members obtaining various permits through online-based application.

“In addition to the existing online-based application for business permits (SIUP) and company registration (TDP), we will soon provide online service for 18 other permits,” Karsidi, head the municipal One-Door Integrated Service and Investment Agency (BPMTSP) told a press confrence in Tangerang Municipality Thursday.

He said that with the online application the agency will provide starting Januari 1st, 2017, permit applicants no longer need to physically appear at the agency’soffice but they can use smart phones to apply for any permits.

Among the permits applicants can apply through the online service are independent practice license for doctors,midwifes, pharmacists, veterinarians, health clinics, dispensary, drug store, optics, health laboratories, household food production industry, school and courses establishement, waste water disposal, hiring foreign workers, construction business, warehouse registration, shopping center business establishement and practice license for veterinary paramedics.

“The online system is very useful to minimize the existing red-tape procehedures in the city and we hope that this can improve invesment interests that in turns can also jack up the regional revenue and recruit more manpower,” Karsidi said.

He added that even after SIUP and TDP application process completes, the admininstration officials will deliver the permit decision letter to the applicants’ home or office as the agency has built a cooperation with post office.

Bisides that, online service system had also been applied through mobile service in the central, estern, eastern parts of the city.

“This is what so-called a pick up the ball service. We will help applicants should they don’t understand how to register, hoping that we can produce at least 7,000 permits (35-40 percent) of the total permits provided by the agency,” he said, adding that online permit is already earmarked for 2,500 applicants since the begining.

Meanwhile, Eccep Muharam, head of services and investment department at the agency said realization of either domestic or foreign investment between January and November in the city this year has reached up to Rp 6.82 trillions, spreading out through 80 projects.

“Most of the invesments went to textile, shoe, leather industry, trading, hotels an restaurants,” he said.

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