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Tangerang found expired products at Giant supermarkets

Mufid Elban | Banten-News | Business | Tangerang, Banten

The Tangerang regental administration has confiscated 14 items of expired products on the shelves of two supermarkets on Jl Raya Serang and another one in Citra Raya housing estate, both in Cikupa districts during a recent inspection.

Incooperation with the police, the regency’s Trade and Industry agency and Health agency officers inspected fresh and packaged produce for sale at two Giant supermarkets.

The administration is currently holding a series of market operation and inspection in effort to put expired goods in order.

“The market operation and inspection are held in order to creat secure sense and comforts to the society,” Tangerang regency police deputy chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Mukti Juharsa said.

In respose to the expired good, managers of the two supermarkets Catur R and Andri winoto claimed to have implemented right procedures in controling product’s expired dates they sellevery morning.

“This times, the expire dates of some prodcuts slipped from our eyes,” Catur said.

The confiscated products, including 10 bottled juice of various brands, a box of cup noodle Mie Gelas, 4 boxes of Wong Coco Aloe Vera and 6 boxes of buscuit produced by Biskuat.

The expired products were then seized by officers of the joint inspection lead by Insp. Dody Sundoro.

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