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Tangerang fishermen enlivened larungan sea party

Mufid Elban | Banten-News | Life | Tangerang Regency, Banten

Not less than 250 fishing boats took part in a traditional gathering held as part of annual sea party by local fisherman association in Surya Bahari coastal village, Pakuhaji district, Tangerang regency on Sunday, Nov. 1.

Participants in the sea gathering, locally called Kaut Nadran Feast mostly were local fishermen and they were allowed to take their family members along with during the sail.

Muhri, the village head said the Kaut Nadran Feast or more popularly called Larungan Feast by the locals is a traditional cultural art inherited from the ancesters to refuse misfortune or hazards.

“The sea party also symbolzes the local fishermen’s appreciation to the God for having granted fishermen with big hauls during the sail that in turns strengthen their economy,” he said.

In the party, there is a traditional boat usually called wedding boat loaded with offerings to be presented in the sea.

The ooferings consisted of buffalo head, baked fish, yellow head, banana, baked chicken, corn, vegetable, and many other agriculture products.

Fishermen who took the wedding boat sailed around Bokor island in the Seribu Island waters.

Banten Governor Rano Karno who was present at the highlights told the locals to keep developing and eternalizing the old tradition, hoping that they could get bigger haul soon after the feast.

Pakuhaji district chief Nurhalim said the annual sea party turned out to be an intersting entertainment for the locals as most villagers always flocked to Cituis beach, where the party began to see what happened.

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