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Tangerang faces dificulty for security administrative under two Polda

Tangerang regent Ahmed Zaki Iskandar

Multa Fidrus |Banten-News| Public Service | Sat, November 19,2016

Tangerang regent A. Zaki Iskandar said the regency’s security administrative is better controlled under a regional police (Polda) coordination like it used to be before the National Police launched a new policy last year by separating control over Tangerang regency into Banten and Jakarta Police.

“We have found it’s so difficult for community members as well as the administration to do the coordination dealing with security affairs and admininstrative,” Zaki told Banten-News Saturday.

As of 2014, the Tangerang regental precinct police fully controlled security across the regency’s29 districts through 19 sub-precinct police under the Jakarta Police’s command line.

Since the National Police issued a new policy on coordination line, controls over the existing 19 subprecinct police was divided into Banten and Jakarta.

Tangerang regental police with 11 subprecinct police is then put under Banten Police control while eight subprecinct police like Legok, Curug, Padegangan, Teluknaga, Pakuhaji, Sepatan, Cisauk, Kelapa Dua are controlled by the Jakarta Police through Tangerang Metro precinct Police and South Tangerang precinct police.

“We, the regental administration had asked the National Police chief to consider our request and return all subprecinct police in the regency to Banten,” said Zaki, adding that his proposal had been being discussed by Banten Police chief Brig. Gen. Listyo Sigit Prabowo.

Zaki added that it’s very troublesome to deal with security admininstrative should the regency is devided into three precinct police (Polres) and two regional police (Polda).

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