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Tangerang commemorates Harganas in Cisauk

Multa Fidrus |Banten-News | Public Service | Fri, November 18 2016

Tangerang regental administration saw the commemoration of the National Family Day (Harganas) in Ciasuk district on Tuesday as a moment of effort to build small qualified family to achieve a balanced growth of the locals heading to the Bright Tangerang (Tangerang Gemilang).

Yuli Zaki Iskandar, the chairwoman of the regency’s Family Welfare Movement Team who also chaired the organizing committee of the Harganas Commemoration said the Harganas commemoration could be organized in cooperation with the regental administration.

“Harganas commemoration this year is entittled “Building the nation’scharacteristic heading to prospereous Indonesia” and we start it here from small scale by building qualified family to reach balanced population heading to the Bright Tangerang,” she said

According to Yuli, the Tangerang regent A Zaki Iskandar’s wife, the commemoration of Harganas in the regency is caried out each year as a form of care to make family as subject and object of the nation development.

“Through the commemoration, we want to remind the society of the importance of family’s presence,”she added.

Meanwhile, Tangerang deputy regent Hermansyah said through the light moment, families are expected to do a re-orientation towards the roles and functions of family in creating qualified generation, the generation with qualified characteristic and presonality that in turns can actualize the that the regency’s developmental vision and mission for environmentaly sighted, preosperous, religious and smart Tangerang.

“I am sure and believe that we all have agreed to actualize residents’s growth in balance with directed mobility, quantity and quality,”he said.

Busmar Edisyaf, a representative of the National Family Planing Coordinating Agency (BKKBN) said family has a very strategic role in preparing children for qualified and competent generation ready to become agents of the development and future leaders.

“Therefore, family must take active roles in raising and running the characteristic and mental revolution for the next generation in order that they can develop productive thinking patterns, optimistic personality, hard working and nation leaders in the future,”he said.

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