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Tangerang called on Central Gov to repair damaged Cisadane Dam Sluice

Tangerang Regent A. Zaki Iskandar and Tangerang Mayor Arief R. wismansyah at Cisadane Dam Sluice

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Tangerang regent A.Zaki Iskandar and Tangerang mayor Arief R. Wismansyah called on the central governmnet to pay serious attention to the Cisadane’s Bendung Pintu X (Cisadane Dam Sluice) that is currently suffering serious damages. The calls were delivered after both Zaki and Arief paid a visit to the Dam

Sluice recently following report that one out of 10 sluices at the Dam broke down while several others have suffered leaks.

“The Cisadane Dam Sluices functions to control the distribution of water from

Cisadane river to thousands of hectares of farming areas in the nothern part of the regency either during the rainy season and drought,” Zaki said.

According to Zaki, one of the sluice recently turned broken down due to old age and inedequate maintenance so that such incident had affected the supply of clean water from the regency’s and municipality’s water utiliy companies.

“Hundred of hectares of farm areas in the regency’s north districts had also turned dry,” Zaki said.

Zaki said the Public Works Ministry that has authority to manage rivers and lakes is responsible for the rehabilitation of the Cisadane Dam Sluice in Pasar Baru subdistrict, Tangerang municipality.

“We hope that the central governmen pay serious attention and repair the damaged scluices soon unless it could cause wider impacts to both Tangerang municipality and Tangerang regency,” Zaki added.

Meanwhile, Arief confirmed that the central government has never paid any attention to the Cisdane Dam Sluices condition so far.

Several sluices are leaked and one has broken down so that the Cisadane dam can no loneger hold water to be distributed through water irrigation ways either to Tangerang regency or Tangerang municipality,” he said

“Water debit at Cisadane has dropped by 20 meters due to absence of rain in the past months. We have mobilized at least 160 workers to patch the leaks with bags containing sand but to no avail,” he said.

Head of the Ciliwung Cisadane Center Iskandar said the 22.41 hectares wide Cisadane Dam Sluice was built by the Duth Colonial Government in 1921. It has never been rehabilitated as of today so that it is natural if the sluices suffered damages.

“We have striving to cover the leaks in cooperation with water utility company (PDAM) and we will sink pylons into the to sluice base should the sand bags could not hold the leaks,” he said.

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