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Prices of basic commodity stable in Tangerang ahead of Ramadhan

Tangerang Regent A. Zaki Iskandar conducts a direct survey to monitor the prices of basic commodity at a traditional market recently.

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The Tangerang Regental Trade and Industry Agency ( Disperindag) has monitored the prices of basic commodities and building materials trough a series of surveys it conducted at several traditional markets across the regency recently.

The surveys were held in anticipation to the possible jumps of prices ahead of and during the upcoming fasting month of Ramdahan.

The reports on the prices of the basic commodities and building materials counducted through the surveys as of May 30 is presented in price list as follows:

1. Rice (IR 64 KW I) falls to to Rp 167/Kg.

2. Rice (IR 64 KW II) falls to Rp. 166/Kg.

3. Rice (IR 64 KW III) falls to Rp. 834/Kg.

4. Local granulated sugar falls to Rp. 167/Kg.

5. Unbranded cooking oil falls to Rp. 334/L.

6. Chicken meat falls to Rp. 1.000/Kg.

7. Kampong chicken meat rises to Rp. 1.667/Kg.

8. Boiler chicken eggs falls to Rp. 167/Kg.

9. Chicken eggs falls to Rp. 234/kg.

10. Triangle wheat flour rises to Rp. 167/Kg.

11. Imported soybean rises to Rp. 334/Kg.

12. Local soybean rises to Rp. 3.33/Kg.

13. Curly red chillies rises to Rp. 1.334/Kg.

14. Big red chili falls Rp. 2.667/Kg.

15. Red cayenne falls to Rp. 1.667/Kg.

16. Red onion falls to Rp. 667/Kg.

17. Garlic falls to Rp. 333/Kg.

18. Mackerel rises to Rp. 1.666/Kg.

19. Green beans Rp. 333/Kg.

Prices of building materials at traditional markest remain stable as of today.

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