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Poverty rates on the rise in Banten


Akim’s family is an example of poor people in Banten. The family built a house on an abondoned grave of a Chinese descendant in Neglasri district, Tangerang municipality.

Multa Fidrus | Banten-News | Serang | Tue, June 2, 2013

The Central Statistic Bureau (BPS) Banten’s office announced that poverty rates in Banten increased from 648,254 people last year to 656,243 people ( 8 percent) this year.

“We saw as many as 7.989 increase in the number of poor people this year and most of them live in cities across the province,” BPS Banten’s office chief Syech Suhaimi said in a statement released on Tuesday.

He said that the percentage of poor people living in villages even dropped from 314,801 last year to 292,447 this year (7.72 percent).

According to BPS, the poverty increase was resulted in the rapid growth of the population which was not followed with edequate income of the families.

Another cause of the poverty increase was the real wage of constrution workers that dropped from Rp 45,667 to Rp 44,470 (2.61 percent) per day while the monthly wage of house maid also dropped from Rp 277,965 to 272,377 per month.

“Besides that, the economic growth of the province also suffered a declline from 5.92 percent in the third three month last year to 5.76 percent in the first quarter of the year,” he said.

The factors that caused poverty rates in villages dropped was seen from the increase in farmers’ exchange value from Rp 108.8 late last year to Rp 109.8 this year.

Real wage of farmers also rose from Rp 21,140 to Rp 22,340 while economic growth in farming sector reached up to 9.14 percent in the first quarter of the year.

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