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Owner of minimarket chain builds 50 houses for poor families

Mufid Elban | The banten Journal | Tangerang | Banten

In cooperation with Habitat for Humanity Indonesia, a non-profit institute, owner of minimarket chain Alfamart Alfamidi PT Sumber Alfaria Trijaya Tbk launched a constrution project of 50 houses for poor families  in Tangerang on Monday.

“This program will involve the participation of the society in fund raising through Alfamart Alfamidi stores between August 18 and September 30,” Solihin, PT Sumber Alfaria Trijaya Tbk corporate affairs director said after laying down the first of stone at the construction site in Sebrang kampong, Marga Mulya village, Mauk district, Tangerang regency.

The putting of the first stone marked the start of simulatneous construction works of 50 houses for poor famillies living in the village while the rest are built in Surabaya and Medan. 17 houses are build in Tangerang, 17 in Surabay and 18 others in Medan.

He said that community members are expected to donate some changes or certain sum of cash through 7,500 Alfamart Alfamidi stores across the country. The funds colected through the minimarket stores will finance the charity project.

“House is a major need that every one must fulfill but not all of them can do so due to poverty and therefore we feel summoned to directly contribute to the poor in order that they can live in decent houses,” he said.


Meanwhile, James Tumbuan,  national director of Habitat for Humanity Indonesia said that a decent house is a start of everything.

“Through this program, we need to plant an understading that building the nation is merely the responsibility of the state. Through this program, we call on all Indonsians, especially the haves to share and donate some money to support a long term program we have ben planning,” he said.

The long term program called “I Build My Indonesia” has targetted to build 60,000 houses for the poor nation wide.

The criteria of poor locals who deserve such assistance were based on survey and verification results conducted by the non-ptofit institute. The survey and verification referred to the quality standard of house owned by the locals.

Sunarti, 37, is an example of poor villagers who received such an assistance through the project. The mother of three only earns Rp 200,000 per month from washing clothes.

“I never think of being able to build or renovate this house because being able to eat once a day is enough for us,” she said in tears.

The family has to survive a life in the small house made of woven bamboo without windows. The floor has not tiles. When strong wind and rain come in the night, they had to stay awake in order not to be caved in.

Sunarti is not the only exsample of people who struggle to survive without hopes. Data at the national Statistics Agency (BPS) showed that poverty rate had reached up to 28.07 millions as of March. The need for houses also increase to 15 million units this year.

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