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Online attendance system to take effect soon at Tangerang regency

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Since the online system attendance filling will soon take effect, hundreds of Tangerang regental administration’s civil┬áservants of all work units (SKPD) thronged to the regental Communication and Information Agency (Diskominfo) to register themselves for identity service on the roll.

Bangbang Ismail, head of telematic department at the agency said the new attendance system willl soon take effect at the respective SKPD office so that each civil servant needs to have new attendance identity card.

“The new attendance system will be applied soon but many civil servants have yet to submit personal data for finger print
idetity. Today, they come all at once in fact so that the office turned very crowded,”he said.

Bangbang added that most of the adiministration imployees possessed double data of finger print so that the finger print data of each imployees must be rerecorded for validation purpose unless they can not fill attendance list at the respective office.

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