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Minister launched mutual cooperation e-warong in Tangerang

Ririn Nofrima | Banten-News | Public Service | Tangerang Municipality

Social Affairs mininster Kofifah Indar Parawangsa lanched mutual cooperation internet kiosks (e-warong) at ex-Borobudur building on Jl. Raya Merdeka, Cimone, Karawaci district in Tangerang mununicipality on Thursday Jan. 12.

The-warong, managed by the Prosperious Indonesian Community Cooperatives (KMIS) is a form of non-cash subsidiary assistance disbursed by ministry following President Joko Widodo’s instruction on April 26,2016.

“E-warong is not only aimed at facilitating poor residents obtaining basic comidity needs with low prices, but also introducing poeple to banking payment system,”Kofifah said.

“Resients can gat basic commodity needs with lower price than retail highest prices at markets through e-warong. Asanexample, sugar cane which is sold at Rp 16,000 per kilogram at the market can be obtained with Rp 12,500 per kilograms at e-warong,” she said.

In addition lower price, resident can also get multy purpose prosperous family card (KKS) they can use for fuel, food, elpiji andenergy subsidy.

“Every KKS is deposited with cash amounting to Rp 110,000 by the government and residents can directly exchange it with basic commoditiy needs or cash it through BNI, a government bank.

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