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Men nabbed for drugs in Tangerang

Ririn Nofrima | Banten-News | Law and Crime | Tangerang

The Tangerang Metro police have arrested two men respectively identified as BJ,25 and AG, 38 and seized seven kilograms marijuana and 17.5 grams crystal methamphetamine from both at two separate places in Tangerang and South Jakarta on Wednesday.

Tangerang Police deputy chief Adj. Sr.Comr. Erwin Kurniawansaid that officers first nabbed BJ who had been observed for allegedly distributing the drug in the past three days in Kreo subdistrict, Larangan, Tangerang municipality. Officers confiscated a big and three small packets containing marijuana.

“After being interrogated, the suspect claimed to get the drug from BJ in Petukangan, South Jakarta,” Erwin said.

The police then immediately moved to an address in Petukangan and managed to pick up AG along with seven big packets of marijuana from his residence.

“AG testified that he obtained the drug from an Acehnese man identified as FR. Officers are still tracking down the whereabouts of FR who is still at large,” he said.

Both suspects will be charged with violating Articles 111, 112 and 114 of the No.35/2009 law on drgus offenses.The Article carry a maximum punishment of 20 years prison term.

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