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Intan leads Tangerang Regency’s Himpaudi

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Intan Nurul Hikmah was confirmed as the chairwoman of Tangerang regental Early Childhood Educators Association (Himpaudi) for the 2015-2019 periode at the regency’s Business Building (GUD) in Tigaraksa on Tuesday.

Adde Rosi Khoerunissa, Banten’s Himpaudi chairwoman said Himpaudi is an independent organization that functions as a means to unite educators of early childhood education, improve their quality and well as to struggle for their welfare and protection.

She said the development of the nation starts from character building of the young generation, especially the children of early education programs because character building and meaningful stimulus given during the golden age will results in honest, independent, smart and brave generation.

“The children is our responsibility together, the whole community elements, the government, educator and parents should always plant morale education and knowledge for the sake of our children’s future during their golden age,” she said.

Therefore, the new board of the regental Himpaudi is expected to show its existence and compose and implement its programs in coordination the provincial Himpaudi in order that the programs run synchronously.

Meanwhile, Intan Nurul Hikmah said that she need supports from all parties in order that the programs she will set up for early childhood education and the educators can run smoothly.

“Early childhood education across the regency must have decent place. I saw, childhood education programs are on average held on the porch of mushola or other public facility,” she said.

She promised to build the character of early childhood educators, conducts regular meeting in form of working groups in order that they can be professional and qualified for ” The Bright Tangerang Regency.”

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