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Dengue fever claims 15 lives since January in Tangerang regency

Mufid Elban | Banten-News || Health | Tangerang Regency, Banten

In efffort to minimize and cope with the wide-spread of dengue fever endemic in Tangerang regency, the regental admininstration has taken up several neccesary preventive actions through the Health Agency.

Regent A. Zaki Iskandar called on the people to improve awareness of neighbourhood cleanliness to avoid wider spread of dengue fever endemic becuase preventing is the only better way in curbing the desease.

He said that the Health Agency had done a series of preventive acts such as getting the residents familiarized with sanitation, conducting door to door fogging as well as recruitting caders to monitor aedes aegypti mosqito growth.

“Based on our monitoring, there are 16 out of 29 districts where dengue fever cases hit residents and the most affected districts of them are Cikupa, Panongan, Pasar Kemis, Sindang Jaya and Balaraja,” Zaki said in a press confrence on Tuesday.

According to Zaki, many residents wanted fogging more and more but if such an action continues, it would leave bad impacts to the locals because fogging could only kill adult mosqitos but not the seeds.

“If fogging is held repeatedly it will poison the people, not only mosqitos. Therefore, I have many times called on residents to keep respective neighbourhood clean in order that they are safe from deaseases and floodings,” said Zaki.

Meanwhile, Health Agency head Naniek Isnaeni said most of dengue fever patients were late to receive hospital treatment due to family’s unawareness or ignorance.

She told the peple to pay serious attention in case family members, especially children suffer fever, no matter what fever it is and immediately rush them to hospital for quick handling.

“There is a total of 359 dengue fever cases found across the regency this year and death toll had reached up to 13 in January and 2 in February,” she said, adding that the figure had much increased if compared to last year.

Naniek said the agency had asked the Ministry of Health to conduct research on mosqitos in the regency to find out wether the animal had turned immune of fogging or probably caused by genital mutation

Balaraja Public Hospital (RSUD) director Reniati reminded that should family members or relatives suffer from high fever, they must be immediately taken to public health clinic (puskesmas) for medical assistance.

“Residents should not be panicked but they have to take neccesary acts by soon taking sick family members to puskesmas while keeping on consuming much water and nutrified food,” she said.

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