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Control over Tangerang police handed down to Banten

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Control and coordination over the Tangerang Regency’s precinct police was symbolically handed down by the Jakarta Police (Polda Metro Jaya) to Banten Police (Polda Bante) in an official ceremony held at the regency’s police head quarters in Tigaraksa on Tuesday.

Jakarta Police chief Insp. Gen. Pol. Moechgiyarto said the handing over is done in line with the situation in the region in support to the smoothness the tasks as stipulated in the National Police chief’s decision on the legal regional change of Jakarta Police issued on Jan 26.

Moechgiyarto told all Tangerang police officers to carry the tasks with high spirit although the regeny is no longer under the Jakarta Police’s control.

“Despite the transfer of control and coordination over Tangerang Police from Jakarta to Banten, good collaboration is a must to build a synergy. De Facto, we have just handed down Tangerang Police to Banten today but dejure, it’s been done since Jan 26. The process took a long time because we nee to verify the personnels, assets and budget,” he said.

Meanwhile, Banten Police chief Brig. Gen. Pol. Ahmad Dofiri said the transfer of the control and coordination should be followed by better performance because the handing-over was based on the society service aspect and vehicle police number will automatically change from B to A.

Regent A. Zaki Iskandar said under Banten’s control, Tangerang Police precinct is expected to improve service to the society since the regency is home to heterogenous residents tha is prone to horizontal etnics conflicts.

“I wish a Welcome for Banten Police to Tangerang Regency. I hope the police can accentuate the people’s interests in implementing their tasks,” Zaki said.

Earlier, the Tangerang regency precinct police controlloed 17 subprecinct police (Polsek) in the regency.

But since the handing over, the regental precinct police now only controls 10 subprecinct police such as Polsek Balaraja, Polsek Cikupa, Polsek Tigaraksa, Polsek Cisoka, Polsek Mauk, Polsek Rajeg, Polsek Kresek, Polsek Kronjo, Polsek Pasar Kemis, and Polsek Panongan.

Four Polseks such as Polsek Curug, Polsek Pagedangan, Polsek Kelapa Dua and Polsek Legok are now under South Tangerang precinct police control while three other such as Polsek Teluknaga, Polsek Sepatan and Polsek Pakuhaji are controlled by Tangerang Municipal Precinct Police.

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