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Construction program of poor residents’ houses kicks off in Tangerang

Mufid Elban | Banten-News | Public Service | Tangerang Regency, Banten

Regent A. Zaki Iskandar initiated a housing contruction project for poor residents at Pabuaran Asem kampong in Tanjung Anom village, Mauk district of Tangerang regency on Thursday.

Zaki said the administration has an obligatory commitment to improve the life and the welfare of the residents as part of its development program and the construction project of residential housing is the real form of the commitment that the society can see in the fields.

The regental admininstration is striving to do various strategies to facilitate the residents by providing livable houses for all residents across the regency, including road access and edequate sanitatary facility, clean water and drainage through a program called Gebrak Pak Kumis.

Gebrak Pak Kumis (a joint move to cope with slum and poor areas) started five years ago but in the implementation in the field, the program always gets continuous upgrade in both the concept and implementation.

“The specific housing program is expected to improve quality life because this program directly touches the need of the peoplke. Thanks to the Ministry of Public Works, People Housing and habitat for Humanity Indonesia and all other parties involved in collaboration with Tangerang regental administration,” Zaki said, hoping that the program can be sustainable.

Lukman Hakim, director of Specifid Houses at the mininstry 50 houses being built apllies a knockdown system technology of Risha Anom mandiri. The program was planned to be launched in 2000 with 200 units of houses constructed in several regions across the country. Risha Anom Mandiri is offered through an open tender.

“Building a house is not only buildig a place to live in but alsobuilding human resource for family’s progress and ownership status odf the houses is clear,” he said.

Meanwhile, James Tumbuan, a representative for habitat for Humanity Indonesia reported that the construction work of 50 houses for the poor as the mininster wishes started in Tangerang today. The proces began from  selecting the local families based on priority scale.

“The locals are involved in the construction work. We hoep they can use and maintain the houses well,” he said.

Regent A. Zaki Iskandar placed the first stone that marked the start of the construction project, follwed by Lukman Hakim and james Tumbuan at the house belonging to Junaidi, 37, one of the locals who daily earns a living by becoming a farmland worker.

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