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Comments: FPI diversifies business to land conflicts

The Jakarta Post | Readers Forum | Sat, June 15 2013

Paper Edition | Page: 8 June 11, p2

The Islam Defenders Front (FPI), notorious for its violent raids supposedly in support of sharia, is diversifying. The Islamic defenders are now available for hire to defend your disputed property.

The extremist group is now fighting housing developer PT Alam Sutra over disputed land in Paku Alam village, South Tangerang. Hundreds of FPI members were involved in a violent clash with the company’s security guards and police when they tried to invade the land on the Prophet Muhammad’s Ascension Day, June 6. Two police officers were injured and 11 FPI members arrested.

Your comments:

Members of this organization have injured two police officers and have no reason whatsoever to stage an assault against law enforcement officials.

“The most important thing for us is to fight everyone who commits crimes and negates people’s rights, no matter their ethnic, religious and social background,” the FPI secretary general said.

His comment is a complete joke that does not require any further explanation. I wonder why the government still allows this organization to exist, or even supports it, it contributes nothing to society but terror.

Martin Sudartha

Why does SBY allow it? By his lack of response to religious intolerance and by his appointment of a police chief fully supporting the radical group, one can assume that he supports their actions.

He also supports the sharia that has already been installed in Aceh and appears to be creeping into other areas. It is not good for the future.


It is a shame that they always do evil deeds on behalf of Islam. And mostly they claim to be the representatives of Muslims but unfortunately what they have done clearly shows their real face.

They are not the representatives of Islam, not at all. Islam is a religion which promotes peace and love. Islam doesn’t tolerate any act of extremism or terrorism.

Furthermore, it is clearly stated in the Koran that Muhammad is merciful to all mankind. And what is the purpose of being the defender of Islam, who asked them to do so?

Islam belongs to Allah and I’m quite sure that Allah never asked them to defend Islam. Allah is mighty. Allah doesn’t need them to defend Islam.

Idris Tan

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