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Cigaru blue lake in Cisoka a promising tourism potential

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A large-deep hole created by an illegal sand mining company in Cigaru village, Cisoka district of Tangerang regency has turned into an interesting small lake with colorful changing water.

Most of the time, the lake’s water looks blue and this fenomenon has attracted many locals and residents from neighbouring districts, including regent A. Zaki Iskandar to see the existing uniquity.

Zaki who paid a visit to the lake on Tuesday, Jan. 5 said that he had a future plan to attract more visitors to the lake.

“The local administration has a task to improve the infrastructure but what makes it more important is that the locals who could only survive from sand mining activity will have to make the lake a new potential without damaging the environment,” Zaki said.

Zaki said the lake has promising economic value should it is restructured well and managed properly by the locals so that it is not just a lake.

According to Zaki, there sould be a parking lot, natural tourism and cullinary tourism, camping ground, outbound, around the lake and the administration would fully finance infrastructure develoment for better road access heading to the lake.

“Then, we will devide the recreational sites. here we have natural tourism site with blue lake, in Solear we have monkey habitat, in Kronjo we have Pualu Cangkir while modern life style can bee seen at Summarecon, Lippo, AEON malls,” Zaki cited.

However, Zaki promised to discuss resort development of the area with an environmentlly friendly way in order that the things turn better ahead.

Meanwhile, Hadisa Mahsyur, head of the regency’ Environmental Management Agency said based on a recent test result, the lake’s water showed high acidity degreeso thatthe locals could not consume the water without more.

The changing colors of the water is caused by high acidity degree content and algea plants under the water that can easily change the water color due to effect of the sun shine.

Sarnata, one of the locals the presence of the blue lake instantly caused the former sand digging hole to be interesting.

“At first, there was only a group of school students who frequently visited the lake and took pictures. The students then shared the pictures through social media so that axious people finally came to directly see it,” he said.

Sarnata claimed that he was confused of the school students who thronged to the ex-sand mining site but he finally understood why then more and more people caome to the lake.

“Unfortunately, there are no toilets, lighting, garbage cans and other supporting facility that all cause visitors’ complaints,” he added.

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