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Central Gov asked to lend auhtority to Tangerang in water source management

Mufid Elban | Bante-News | Infrastructure | Tangerang Regency, Banten

Tangerang regent A.Zaki Iskandar asked the Central Government to lend some of it’s authority to regions in the management of water source auch as river, small lakes and irrigation water ways.

Such a request was deliverd by Zaki to Agriculture Minister Amran Sulaiman who made a visit to drought-affected farming land as the impact of El Nino in Ketapang Village, Mauk District on Thursday.

Present were the newly installed Banten Governor Rano Karno and Banten Police chief Brig. Gen. Boy Rafli Amar during the visit.

“Dried farming land caused by proplonged drought is not the first time in Tangerang. This has repeated for years. So, it’s time to normalize rivers, water irigation ways either the premier of the tertier one,” Zaki said.

“But, the problems facing ahead is that authority to manage rivers, irrigation water ways and lakes is in the hand of the Central Government,” he added.

Therefore, the regent asked the Central Government to lend some of it’s authoirty to regions in order that regional administration can do much to overcome water shortages in respective region.

“I do hope that minister Amran can help us in order that we can manage water problem without having to wait for the central government’s assistance,” Zaki added.

Zaki also asked the Central Government to soon give solution to handle the problem of sluice leaks at Cisadane Sluice Dam (Bendung Pintu X), where the minister’s visit ended.

In response to Zaki’ request, Amran promised to build dikes to temporally accomodate water.

Amran told people not to be worried since drought cause by El Niño, defined as prolonged warming in the Pacific Ocean sea surface temperatures, only affected the southern part of Indonesia such as Java, East and West Nusatenggara and Lampung.   

“As of today, 76 percent of harvest target in the country has been reached. I guarantee that food stock is safe because drought does not hit all parts of the country,” he said.

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