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Banten to celebrate Poetry Day at Baluwarti ruins

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After State Publisher Balai Pustaka, Horison Magazine and prose writers celebrated Indonesian Literature Day (HSI) on July 13 at Language Center in Rawamangun, East Jakarta, it’s turn to the nationwide poets’s chance to celebrate the Indonesia Poetry Day that falls on July 26.

“Banten will take a part and celebrate the Poetry Day at Rumah Dunia in Serang on July 26,” said Gola Gong, the coordinator of Banten’s Indonesian Poetry Day.

Gong, who was declared one of Indonesia’s Literature Figure along with Putu Wijaya, Ajip Rosidi and Helvy Tiana Rossa at the HSI celebration said the celebration will be marked with the launching poetry antology composed by 22 poets from across the province.

The poetry antology entittled “Reruntuhan Baluwarti (the Ruins of Baluwarti)” contains 60 poetries. “The poetry collection” has been spread out through social media so that all areas of Banten were already represented,” curator Totok St Radik explained.

The composition of poets’ age distance ranges between 20 and 50, two generations. Among the 22 poets joining in the Gong Publishing are Chavchay Syaifullah, Firman Venayaksa, Gol A Gong, Rahmat Heldy HS, Tias Tatanka, Toto ST Radik, and Qizink La Aziva.

Ahmad Wayang, the program organizer said Baluwarti Ruins will be discussed by humanist Hafis Azhari and Mohammad Sofiyan, the editor of literature page at Banten Raya daily newspaper.

“Let’s celebrate poetry at Rumah Dunia on July 26 and we can share the happiness with poetry,” Wayang said.

The Peotry Day was determined by 30 poets from across the country in Pakanbaru on Nov. 22, 2012 in conjunction with the birth of national poet Charil Anwar on July 26, 1922.

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