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Antasari accepts his fate wholeheartedly

To freedom – Former Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) chairman Antasari Azhar (left) speaks with Tangerang Penitentiary warden Arpan (second from left) and Ahad Ihsan (right), an Islamic teacher, during a Quran recitation event on Nov.8. Antasari was released from prison on Nov.10.

Tangerang | Thu, November 10, 2016

Former Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) chairman Antasari Azhar says he will not pursue efforts to reopen an investigation into the murder of PT. Putra Rajawali Banjaran director Nasrudin Zulkarnaen, for which he was sentenced to18 years in prison.

“After I contemplated and read several books in prison, I must say that I have accepted wholeheartedly what has happened to me. I won’t try to reveal anything related to my case. I surrender everything to Allah,” he said after his release from Tangerang Penitentiary in Banten, on Thursday.

Even if new evidence is uncovered that could potentially prove his innocence, Antasari said he would not fight for justice through the courts anymore. “Let the evidence speak for itself. I’m tired of losing [in court],” he said.

Antasari further said he would seek justice through God to “punish the people that had trapped him.”

“May they receive their punishment in the afterlife,” he said. “I leave prison with a clean heart,” he added.

The South Jakarta District Court sentenced Antasari to 18 years in prison in 2010 for masterminding the murder of state-owned pharmaceutical company Putra Rajawali Banjaran director Nasrudin, who was killed in a drive-by shooting in Tangerang on March 14, 2009. Antasari served a seven-and-a-half year prison sentence in Tangerang Penitentiary.

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