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About Banten News is an English-language news portal which is more than just an extention of local daily news papers’ headlines as well as online media updated reports to fulfill the needs of international community, but it also offers breaking news and a wealth of information on Banten, a youngest province in Indonesia.

By providing up-to-date, in-depth accurate information and analyses, is aimed at becoming a one-stop-reference point on Banten that will serve local, national and international audience. What do you need in Banten? Why and How to? So, just click from now and on.

Promoting and bringing together a diversity in the Bantenian perspective onto the World,
Stepping into a new age and striving for excellence,
Improving the standard of English language readers with

THE ONLINE PRESS where public trust is ABOVE everything

Stepping Into a New Age

Globalization and the superabundance of information have significantly altered the environment of newspapering in the country and regions. At the same time, the rapid transformation of our society has radically changed the readers’ habit, needs, life styels and interests. The Banten founder’s body of knowledge and experience of the first 10 years in covering Banten presumably will not be commensurate to cope with the challenges.

These days, newspapers are no longer the predominant providers of news and views. New technologies pop up almost every week, opening up new options in communication and broadcasting to provide divers real-time information. News becomes outdated only a few minutes after the event and therefore the presence of is expcted to be able to redefine journalism., as the name suggests, is not only a small window to Banten from which the world can peep much deeper into with different needs and purposes, it is redefining journalism, exploring relevancies beyond news, trying to provide a meaningful context every time as the information engine on Banten.

||||||||| THE HISTORY OF  |||||||||

The year 2012 has marked an important milestone in the publicly launching history of this first English online media in Banten when the first issue of appeared on the Web internationally and universally.

This new English online news portal is unique, not only in its goal, which is to improve the standard of English language for readers in Banten, but also in bringing together a diversity into producing a quality online newspaper with a Bantenian perspective.

The objective of the new publication is also to present to the public a source of information of the highest quality that would provide its readers with all the news that was not only fit to print, but that would deepen their insight into the very workings of this typical province, its people and its government, as members of the great family of Banten.

The history of the English-language Banten news portal dates back to an idea initiated by Multa Fidrus, a Tangerang-based journalist who had spent 12 years of covering various events and writing articles about Banten mentioned the possibility of publishing an English-language Banten news portal of the highest editorial quality which would cater to not only the fast growing English speaking community in the country, but more importantly one that would be able to provide Banten in the world’s perspective.

To serve the purpose, several requirements had to be met. The online newspaper would have to bring together some of the best Banten-based journalists and editors in order to be able to produce a quality online newspaper of international standards.

Simultaneously it should also represent the different factions of the broad, sociopolitical spectrum of the region to be able to nurture a truly Banten perspective.

Of no less importance, the company should be managed professionally so that it could grow into an economically strong institution capable of consistently maintaining high-quality journalism. And last but not least, the ownership of the online newspaper should also reflect the philosophy of the region, hence the collectively owned shares of the employees, besides the no-single-majority equity participation of its founders.

Thus the publishing company, PT Multa Media Wanton, Online Media Division, will be in late 2012 as an independent online newspaper institution privately owned by PT Multa Media Wanton and another 20 percent will be provided as a collective share of all employees.

Immediately in the near future, a team of experienced journalists and editors will be selected from local newpapasers, as well as from other news organizations. For the business side, a special team will have to be set up to help manage the marketing, and promotion and other pertinent functions of the news organization based on a yearly management contract including a few congratulatory advertisements.

Looking at the web design, it is not a very impressive Banten online newspaper. However, a fresh and different outlook will be created in the regional press which is born to uphold Integrity, Neutrality, Independency, Idialism, Ethiques and Power of THE PRESS.

|||||||     PROGRESS & DEVELOPMENT     |||||||

Since its conception in 2012,, is planned to develop into a prestigious online newspaper respected for its independent views and bold coverage of various local and national events. The number of its visitors around the world since the web was introduced in November 2012, has reached up to 2,500 per day and is expected to increase by 100 percent each year, starting the initial launching of the web.

To keep up with its reputation as an independent regional online newspaper and to satisfy the demands of its readers for fast but accurate news and sharp analyses, would continue to upgrade the quality of its employees, especially its journalists. Various training courses are made available to its editorial and non-editorial staff.
becomes the first regional online newspaper to go global under a project nicknamed “Banten Goes International”

The “Banten Go International” project is a direct response to’s mission to bring forward a Banten perspective on national and global issues amid the deluge of Western viewpoints dominating the global flow of information. It stands up to the expectations raised by the commitment of  to become “The Journal,The Resource and Directory of Banten Today”.

It is simultaneously a strategic step challenging the future of blurring lines separating the up to now distinctly different media types providing news, views and entertainment to a more global audience.