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Tangerang kicks off week-long Cisadane Festival

Tangerang mayor Arief R Wismansyah (standing) and deputy mayor Sachrudin on a boat ride after the opening at Cisdane.

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The Tangerang municipal administration launched on Friday the annual Cisadane festival featuring a series of cultural events and contests in effort to promote tourism, starting from July 22 until July 29.

Various kinds of cultural parade, traditional and modern dances like welcoming dance, kariyaan rumpak jami dances from Pandeglang were alternately performed by groups of teenagers on a floating stage on the river at the Cisadane Walk in Benteng Jaya area.

Other activity that higlighted the event includes a series of  shows such as a dragon boat competition, a collaboration between a marching band and a gambang kromong (Betawi musical ensemble), barongsai dragon dance, silat beksi (a variation of martial art pencak silat), the Nyimas Melati dance, a drama and a photography parade.

“We entittled the festival of the year “From Tangerang for Indonesia. We want to show that Cisadane is the source of life of the city residents,” said Tangerang mayor Arief R. Wismansyah while addressing the opening.


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